Learning through social drama in North-West Cameroon

Our partner organisation in North West Cameroon, MBOSCUDA, has been working with a social drama group to educate young people on a range of important issues including HIV/AIDS, sexual exploitation and the persistent conflict between farming and herding communities. This exciting education initiative is called SIDO Forum, ‘sido’ in the local Fulani language meaning ‘play’.

SIDO Forum Leader, Shuaibu Sali

There are 12 volunteers which form the social drama troupe. Shuaibu Sali (pictured below), who has been leading the group since last February, said, ‘It is very interesting to see the appreciation accorded us by our ever growing audience. Just seeing the changes among our communities is a big plus.’

SIDO Forum perform to a wide range of young people of varying age, gender and ethnicity. The group research young people’s personal challenges, educational needs and interests. This forms the basis of their performances.
Despite very sparse funding and limited formal training, the group are making a difference to the lives of young people in North West Cameroon. SIDO Forum are now striving to develop skills in fundraising so they can remain independent and self-sustaining. This will also allow them to invest in costumes and recording equipment to make their performances more dynamic and wide-reaching.

Still from an educational film produced by SIDO

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