New borehole in Apla village, Ghana

Exciting news and photos just in from our partner organisation in Ghana, YOWE…

A borehole in the village of Apla, Eastern Ghana, has been completed and is now being used by the community following an opening ceremony as pictured below. The project is a great example of our community-driven approach to development work. As part of a REFLECT literacy circle in the village, the need for clean water was prioritised by participants who developed a Community Action Plan (CAP) with the help of YOWE. The project was then funded by generous Village Aid supporters here in the UK and now the Apla community have easy access to clean, safe water!

Before the borehole, Apla’s only water source was this muddy hole (pictured below) which was used to collect water for cooking, washing and drinking. Waterbourne diseases, like diarrhea and bilharzia, were common. Women and children would spend many hours collecting water, often making children late for school.


During the village’s REFLECT literacy class, the community discussed their most pressing needs . The community members then voted on which needs were greatest. As you can see, they decided that a new water source was their highest priority and offered to provide the sand and stone for the borehole.

Thank you to everyone who donated to this project.
We’re currently working to provide clean water to rural villages in Cameroon, as part of our Big Lottery funded project, but we need your help! To donate, please click here.

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