JiggenPowerUp! – WomenPowerUp! Big Give Challenge 2020

JiggenPowerUp! – WomenPowerUp!

Despite Senegal being one of Africa’s stable countries with strong economic growth in recent years, 31% of the population live in poverty. However, many women-led businesses exist at the community level, supported by community-level business consortiums (an initiative led by the government called Groupements d’intérêt économique/GIE). Village Aid will support a number of these businesses to overcome the challenges they face in scaling up their production to sustainable levels through building their capacities and providing appropriate equipment for their local contexts.

This initiative is a new project which will be supported by funds we raise through the Big Give Challenge 2020. In two villages located in Sédhiou Region and Kolda Region, we will support the members of two community-level business consortiums to scale up their green businesses producing rice and peanut products for sale, which will enable almost 200 women to improve their incomes sustainably. Following a pilot project run by United Purpose, they now require access to automatic husking machines to take their businesses to the next level. These will be provided by the project, and will run on solar power. We will also provide training, storage equipment and initial maintenance support.

The next stage of fundraising for this project will go live on the Big Give website from 1st-8th December (for one week only), when any donations made online by the public will be match funded pound for pound up to a total of £10,000. Please email us to receive an update when it goes live, or check back to this page at the start of December –

Meet Aissatou, Tacko and Marie, they are part of one of the women led businesses and produce peanut oil.

They recently learned how to remove harmful toxins from their peanut oil production. Now they can say that not only does their solar powered production help save the planet, but they can guarantee to their customers that the oil they produce is the best in the village!

By mentoring women with advice on entrepreneurship, production techniques and marketing, they are expanding their businesses, which contributes to increased income for them and their families.

Help us support them to grow their production and incomes to sustainable levels by supporting us in the Big Give Challenge 2020.