Kalibou is using a small loan to grow his bakery business. With access to this loan, he has been able to buy flour in bulk, significantly reducing his overheads.

“The bakery has improved, my production has improved, income has improved.”Kalibou, Casamance, Senegal

In Senegal, this year, our project supported remote communities develop and diversify their income through establishing and growing small businesses.

The people we work with live in forest communities in the Casamance region. A region severely affected by a brutal civil war for other 30 years. The project encourages rural communities to work together on shared livelihoods projects, like forest nurseries, or small businesses.

Kalibou used his loan to buy flour in bulk. Now his business is making a profit and he is training 10 apprentices in baking.

Is he worried about the competition?

No, he said: “One of my apprentices has already opened a local bakery.. but I am not worried, my bread is still the best around here”