“So much has changed since Village Aid helped us complete the water project here. The children used to have to walk very far to collect water. They were late for school so their education was affected. Diarrhoea was a big problem. We often had to fight to get water…The change in our lives is so marvellous that I have no words to express our happiness and gratitude about that has been done. You have changed lives, especially for women.”Aishatu, A village in Ndop, North-West Cameroon

We work with some of the worlds’ most disadvantaged remote rural communities. In many rural villages, water is collected from ponds or streams and women and girls spend hours a day risking their safety walking miles away from home to collect water. The water often causes preventable diseases like Cholera and Typhoid.

A significant part of our work involves partnering with local community organisations in Gambia, Senegal, Guinea, Cameroon and Ghana, and working with them to improve access to water and improving health and sanitation in rural communities. For example:


Water Catchment Sites – Cameroon


We are working with local partner MBOSCUDA, a human rights organisation based in the North West region. Here, we are supporting communities to build water catchment sites.

Here’s how the water catchment sites work:

Tippy Taps – Guinea and Gambia


In Guinea, we promote the use of Tippy Taps as part of a project promoting better sanitation in rural communities. Communities in rural areas are adopting simple techniques to stop open defecation and promote handwashing.

We work with local partners that teach families like Alieu’s (pictured below) about hygiene and the importance of handwashing, how to keep water safe to drink and use and how to build a tippy tap; simple taps made from sticks, string and plastic bottles. Alieu is testing it out in this picture:

Why are our water projects different?

All of our projects are designed to be as sustainable as possible. We encourage communities to lead their own change to get buy-in across communities. This ensures the water projects are managed and maintained by the community and they should last forever.

Clean and safe drinking water saves lives.

You can help us support more villages improve their health with permanent access to clean and safe drinking water. You can help with a donation today.

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