Town Moor WI looks at the solutions for real communities in Africa

On the 8th June, Lyndsey McLellan, our Supporter Care and Campaigns Officer and Suanne Segovia, Village Aid intern, visited Town Moor WI group in Doncaster.

Lyndsey introduced Village Aid and our projects in Africa. Her presentation focused on the Cameroon project, “In Search of Common Ground”, and there was a screening of our film. We explained the context of the farmer-grazer conflict in Cameroon, and the solutions offered by Village Aid in partnership with Concern Universal and MBOSCUDA.

The WI ladies were very involved with the activities and had great interest in the projects. They identified with Jacques Marie, a Cameroonian woman we introduced during the presentation. As part of the activities, members placed themselves in Jacques Marie’s shoes and reflected on the situation she faces as a single mother of seven. They also learned about biogas as a solution for the conflict and how it
benefits communities in Cameroon. These activities demonstrate how simple solutions can solve social problems and alleviate poverty in the long term. At the end of the presentation, Lyndsey explained the different ways to support Village Aid and its partners, and therefore those people in Africa needing more

Members were very pleased that the session took a positive look at development. We focused on the solutions, not the problems, and demonstrated simple ways of providing long term solutions.

If you are a member of a WI or another community group, we would love to visit you! We can provide an educational and enjoyable evening explaining our work in context and how we improve lives in Africa. Please get in touch with us at or call 01629 814 434.

This is a guest blog written by our intern from Sheffield University, Suanne Segovia on behalf of Village Aid.

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