JiggenPowerUp! – WomenPowerUp! Big Give Challenge 2020

JiggenPowerUp! – WomenPowerUp!

With your support, we did it! A huge THANK YOU to everyone who donated!

As part of the 2020 Big Give Christmas Challenge, with the support of our Village Aid family we managed to raise £25,759 over just 7 days for our flagship project of the year! This project will enable women in rural Senegal to develop sustainable, environmentally-friendly farming businesses, processing rice and peanut products for sale in their villages.

Your donations released the full £10,000 match funding pot available through the Big Give, which will be added to grants already raised for the project, meaning that it is now fully funded and will be able to start in early 2021. Here’s a reminder of what the project is all about…

The project: We will support 186 women in rural Senegal (in Sédhiou and Kolda Regions) to scale up their green businesses to reach sustainable levels of production and income. The women process rice and peanuts for sale locally, using solar power. A pilot project has shown they need access to automatic husking machines to take their businesses to the next level and generate sufficient income to support their families. As well as providing specially adapted machinery, the project will provide training, storage equipment and maintenance support.

Meet Aissatou, Tacko and Marie, who produce peanut oil and will be supported by this project to scale up their businesses.

They recently learnt how to remove harmful toxins from the peanut oil production process. Now they can say that not only do their solar powered businesses help save the planet, but they can guarantee to their customers that the oil they produce is the best in the village!

The Big Give Challenge project will now help to ensure their businesses can be sustained in the years to come.

Thanks once again for your fantastic support, and we look forward to keeping you updated in the coming months!