Covid-19 response in Guinea

Covid-19 response in Guinea – Village Aid is funding hygiene promotion and the distribution of kits and PPE in Maritime Guinea.

Guinea is one of the poorest countries in the world. Over half of Guinea’s population live in poverty, with 20% living in extreme poverty. Unsurprisingly, there is a lack of funding available for a holistic and thorough Government response to the Covid crisis.

To compound this, one-third of Guineans drink unsafe water. Communities also lack access to basic sanitation facilities and there is a lack of awareness about safe hygiene practices.

Guinea’s major cities are overcrowded, meaning it will be very difficult to contain the spread of the virus or enforce social distancing laws.

To respond to the current pandemic, Village Aid will be supporting vulnerable communities with hygiene promotion (posters, radio/tv) and distribution of hygiene kits and PPE in the Maritime Guinea area.

We are really happy to share this crucial health messaging video created in partnership with the Ministry of Health & National Health Security Agency in Guinea . This video is one of the first outputs from our funding.

We now have a this second video to share with you from our response to fight the spread of #Covid19 in Guinea…